The Owls

The Owls

"The Owls" Throw Pillowcase, a whimsical addition to your home décor! This unique pillowcase brings nature-inspired artistry to your space, featuring detailed landscapes and charming owls that are sure to catch the eye.

We offer options for the perfect fabric fit: velveteen, cotton canvas, or linen canvas. Each fabric adds a distinctive touch to your décor. The velveteen fabric offers a plush and soft feel, while the canvas options provide durability and a textured appeal.

Each 18" pillowcase is carefully crafted in Montreal, Canada. The prints are vivid and long-lasting, and resistant to fading.

"The Owls" Throw Pillowcase adds a cozy touch to your home . It's a delightful addition to any room. Expect delivery within two weeks, including production and transit time.

The Owls Throw Pillowcase

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